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The Sea Services play a crucial role in our nation's economic stability by securing our nation's vital shipping lanes from those that would seek to disrupt and do harm to our commerce and the crews of our shipping vessels. Navy League Councils, located throughout the U.S. and Western Hemisphere, in Europe and the Far East, support these active duty military personnel by boosting morale through the "adoption" of ships, installations, and units; commissioning ceremonies; and award, scholarship and youth programs.

Your company is invited to support the Sea Services as a Community Affiliate member, and supporting your local Navy League council's grassroots efforts. The strength of Navy League councils translates into much-needed support of Sea Service members and their families, and acknowledges the vital role Sea Service personnel play every day in securing our citizens and commerce. As a Community Affiliate of your local council, your company is not only affirming support of the service members and their families, you are also acknowledging their daily sacrifices to secure our nation's economic prosperity.

As a token of our appreciation for your support, you will receive an engraved membership plaque that you can proudly display, a subscription to the award-winning SEAPOWER magazine and annual SEAPOWER ALMANAC, 4 individual Navy League memberships, and recognition at all of your council's membership events and meetings.

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